Production of cut and sanded graphics, signmaking, shop-sale of material for production of advertising features

                          Nabídka práce    The magic of attracting
                                                       At first it is necessary to draw attention and to pass the message.
                           E-Shop              One method of doing that would be by means of illumination and colourful
                           Ceník                  signs. Many people roam the streets at dusk and night. To make it as
                           Galerie               attractive as possible, the sign shall be placed in such location to be
                           Kalkulace           perfectly visible to everyone. It shall not be located too high or too far
                                                       on side. We should respect the surrounding space around the sign as well
                                                       as its size. We must pay attention to the legibility of our sign and its ability to
                                                       express the message the best way possible.

                                                       How to pass the message to others
                                                       Signs may be divided into three basic groups:
                                                       1. orientation signs and markings on shops, hotels, corporate premises, etc.
                                                       2. illuminated signs along speedways and roads
                                                       3. signs containing more or less of auxiliary texts.
                                                       The vital role is played by appearance. It is important that its design of good
                                                       quality as well as proper size of font, arrangement of colours and texts,
                                                       it has to be neat and serve its purpose.

                                                       Illuminated signs
                                                       These can be utilised in various ways. It is used to visualize certain places,
                                                       make them brighter, improve them or express caution for risks. Individual
                                                       features are made of quality material to enable quick and easy installation.
                                                       Different types of profiles – straight, radius, fixed or detachable, jointing
                                                       materials and mounting, provide many options of creating signs. Various
                                                       technologies enable us to make letters which are illuminated using plastic
                                                       neon lamps,or LED lights. Illumination of interiors is made mainly with
                                                       LED´s, for their great specific power in Im/W, long life and white light
                                                       similar to daylight. The rest is done by moving features and the illuminated
                                                       sign may start working for irs purpose.

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